Caitlin loses her career, confidence and sense of self and then jeopardizes her marriage when Stuart, who left her without explanation fifteen years earlier, turns up wanting more than just friendship.

Off balance and suffering a loss of confidence, Caitlin is defenseless to his charms and the two rekindle an easy closeness. As the plot moves between the past and present, Caitlin is desperate to understand why Stuart suddenly disappeared, leaving only a seven-word note. And, despite her love for her husband and the life they’ve made with their two sons, something’s missing – something she wants.

Tension mounts as Caitlin must choose between her dependable, loving husband and the man who first stole her heart. She must also decide if she is prepared to leave her steady paycheque to make that triumphant career leap. Will she find the courage to go after what she truly wants?

Headshot of Lori Littleton

Lori has been a professional writer for more than 20 years. An award-winning newspaper reporter, she worked in several newsrooms in southern Ontario, including the Brantford Expositor, Niagara Falls Review and St. Catharines Standard. She is currently a freelance writer for the Hamilton Spectator. Her writing career also includes being an editor and writer for a variety of magazines, including Niagara Magazine, Niagara Weddings and Business Niagara and the Canadian Journal of Midwifery Research and Practice. She holds a B. Journ (highest honours) and an MA in English from Carleton University in Ottawa. 

The London, Ontario native was also a St. Catharines City Councillor from 2018-2022 and is currently a consultant with IG Wealth Management. Lori enjoys long distance running, yoga, tacos, travelling, chatting with friends and reading. She lives in St. Catharines with her husband, Kris, and two of their three children, Addison and Ashton; their eldest daughter, Chloe, attends Ottawa University. They also have two cats: the very naughty Oliver and Lua, who is skittish.


For more than two decades, Lori has written for a variety of publications and formats across North America including Niagara-based magazines, Surgite, Brock University’s alumni magazine and the Canadian Journal of Midwifery Research and Practice. She has worked in newsrooms around Southern Ontario and has also written speeches and performed various copy editing duties, including in Inuktitut.

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